• Niall Pickles

Reasons to Volunteer and Volunteer Opportunities

Ever wondered how you can make change in this world?

Do you want to feel like you are achieving something more than your own expectations?

Do you want to develop skills that you never thought you could do?

Do you want to become part of a team?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then volunteering for us or a charity can give you the opportunity to do all of those things you just said yes too.

Many people believe we volunteer because we want to help out, meet new people, help make change and believe in the cause. One of the many reasons we should volunteer is because it allows us to try new skills or put into practice skills we have with no pressure. It can also lead to gaining that job experience that many companies ask for. We are always sat here thinking well how do I get that experience if I can’t get in that job role. One of the many ways we can gain that experience many employers are asking for is to volunteer for a charity.

There are many reasons you may decide you want to volunteer for a charity. Too many for us to discuss here because you will do it for your own reasons. The Believe and Achieve Trust rely on volunteers to run the charity as they have no paid staff. We have a team of trustees and we also have a team of committee members who make up the majority of the volunteers. We then rely on extra volunteers for the big events we run throughout the year. However, event volunteers are not all that is needed at The Believe and Achieve Trust. In 2021 we are looking to develop a team of volunteers who have specific volunteer roles. We will welcome you with open arms when you come forward to volunteer for the charity.

Here are some of the volunteer roles available at the moment:

Marketing Volunteer - Content creation, blog writing, social media planning and public speaking, and developing business relationships.
Fundraising Volunteer - Create events and help with the