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Six Believers run Manchester Marathon In Your Own Time Challenge

There are six amazing believers that are taking part in the Manchester Marathon in your on time event for The Believe and Achieve Trust. The six believers are all trying to raise as much awareness as they can whilst raising vital funds for the charity.

At Believe and Achieve we raise awareness for meningitis whilst giving out grants to disabled children to help them get involved with sport and every day life. We are a small local charity who solely rely on funds to give out the grants to children, which can change so many lives for the better.

How the race works?

You have to complete the distance of the Manchester Marathon 26.2 miles within the month of October. You can complete it in as many runs as you like and doesn’t matter on speed, as it says in the title it’s all in your own time. You can choose your own routes too which makes it easier to complete by social distancing and you can experience different views along the process. Every runner who completes the 26.2 miles receives their own quality finisher items such as a Ron Hill t-shirt and a 2020 finishers medal.

How you trace your runs?

You have to keep track of all your runs on an app of your choice when at the end you’ll send in a summary screenshot of all the runs to show the total distance. At the end of the challenge you have to upload the results you’ve collected to receive the rewards.

Fundraising events and why?

You can take part just for fun and competing but you can also raise money for charities and the six believers is the most we have had run a “Marathon” for us which is very impressive for a small charity like us. We have had many runners in the past and we do require more runners and fundraisers to help fund our work.

There are lots of other ways to fundraise you can read our last blog here Top 5 ways to fundraise.

In these times currently with Covid-19 there are still lots of virtual ways to raise money and awareness whilst staying safe with guidelines. Even if you can spread awareness of Meningitis at your school/college/uni by handing out symptom cards. We really appreciate all ways to support the charity. As Lucas did a video last month with regards to the signs and symptoms Public Health England did raise some serious worries about the number of Meningitis cases as it was the lowest it has been since records began. This is a worrying sign as this means signs and symptoms are being missed and not being treated which can cause real damage and even cost a life.

Why Believe and Achieve?

One of the amazing six believers Cory said...

‘I really wanted to run for The Believe and Achieve charity as it is close to my heart and they do amazing work for children who have disabilities by giving them grants to help them get involved in sports. Not only do they do that but they raise awareness of meningitis.’

The charity was set up to carry on doing the inspirational work our Alex always achieved. Alex was seven years old when he contracted meningitis and his life changed completely, but he never stopped with the incredible hard work including raising awareness in any way he could. Sadly our Alex went to sleep in 2012 and so that is how the charity started and we are still carrying on the work Alex started.

Social media has been a big part of our six believers journey’s throughout the marathon as it allows them to post pictures/videos as they believe and achieve and show everyone how it is going. Charlotte one of the six believers running said “I have been so grateful for all the donations I have raised for Believe and Achieve and I have been telling people to go on the charities page and raise awareness of Meningitis as it can be very bad if signs and symptoms are missed. Any support is really appreciated”

“This has been a great way to motivate me to get back into running and keeping fit especially with everything going on in the world at the moment. By knowing I am supporting the Believe and Achieve charity and raising money and awareness for them is even better.”

You can see more from our runners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also donate to our six believers here on JustGiving here:

Cory James:

Team Toone:

Stephanie Owen:

Charlotte Jones:

Niall Pickles:

You can find out more here about how you can fundraise and volunteer for us. As a small charity we really do appreciate your time and donations.

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