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Meningitis now update

Meningitis now are working with The #TogetherForAntibiotics campaign

Without antibiotics, treatments for many illnesses, including bacterial meningitis, would not be possible. Almost all patients rely on having antibiotics should they need them. Early treatment saves lives and improves outcomes.

The #TogetherForAntibiotics campaign calls on pharmaceutical companies and governments to prioritise the search for new antibiotics and to protect the ones we have already.

Infections continue to rise

It also highlights the role everyone can play, as drug resistant infections continue to rise – around 50,000 people across the world die from infections which are resistant to antibiotics every year.

These so called ‘superbugs’ are evolving all the time. If new ways to stop them aren’t found that number is estimated to rise to 10 million people a year in just 30 years from now.

If you suffer food poisoning, get a serious cut, or a bacterial infection your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to weaken and kill the microbes causing the symptoms.

These microbes have evolved over tens of millions of years to be effective at infecting humans. They developed different ways to evade the body’s immune system, such as releasing proteins to disrupt your white blood cells or camouflaging themselves to avoid detection.

Constant battle

In that constant battle to get better and better and overcome the evolutionary defences that humans developed, microbes didn’t count on Alexander Fleming inventing penicillin in 1928. Humans had a new weapon to treat infections; and then another as scientists built on that work to invent new antibiotics.

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