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Luke’s Story: Looking Forward To Returning to Monday Club

Luke’s video speaking about what he misses about Monday Club is a heart warming video that really shows you the importance of Monday Club and getting it back up and running when we come out of this lockdown is a massive objective of The Believe and Achieve Trust.

Lockdown has affected all of us in many ways. It has stopped normal life and being able to take part in activities. For Luke Monday Club is a place where he can be with his friends and take part in sport that is inclusive for all disabilities.

In the video Luke tells us how he feels about missing Monday Club and what he misses the most. Naming the coaches and Alison who give their own time to ensure the children like Luke have the best experiences when taking part in sports. One sport that Luke loves to do at Monday Club is boxing which Mark Storie from Astley Sports Village made possible for all our children to try. At Monday Club we really listen to what the children love to do and want to try as we believe that they should be able to do any sport and our coaches work with them to get them involved with the sports they want to do.

One thing that we find Monday Club really helps our participants with is their mental health and wellbeing. We have seen recently how important exercise is for our mental health and for people with disabilities it can sometimes be harder for them to get out and stay active during these uncertain times. At the start of lockdown we did create BAA sport packs for our children who attend Monday Club which we saw Eleanor using when it was sunny but as we move into the winter months that will be harder to do as it is cold and dark earlier. So having Monday Club back open would provide a safe and warmer area for children with disabilities to safely take part in sports and get back to some normality with friends. Alison Williams CEO said

“it is so important that we now try to start Monday Club again. We do have the ability to keep the children safe while doing what they love and getting them active again.”

We will be using the money raised during lockdown to get Monday Club back open in December depending on lockdown rules but if gyms and other sport centres can open we don’t see why we shouldn’t get children like Luke active and coming to Monday Club again. We will have risk assessments in place and will ensure we try our best to keep the children as safe as possible. The children still go to school so we can’t see the difference when they come to Monday Club with a free BAA face mask if they are able to wear them and gloves if required. We understand the difficulties and worries of our families which is why Monday Club is optional and we do accept newcomers. If you are interested in coming to Monday Club please contact Alison on or us our contact form here.

Want to support our Monday Club? Just £2 per month could help pay for equipment and facilities we use every week to make Monday Club so fun and inclusive. We do also look for business sponsors who can provide equipment or funds for the Monday Club. If you are a business or just want to support our efforts each month in doing Monday Club please contact Alison or Niall on or use our contact form.

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