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Lucas’s Message About The Signs and Symptoms of Meningitis

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The Believe and Achieve Trust are here to raise awareness of meningitis. One way that the trust does this is by spreading awareness through symptom cards of meningitis. Since lockdown we are worried that people will not be aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis. Meningitis Now put out a warning against complacency about meningitis after quarterly data released by Public Health England (PHE) show cases of the disease to be at their lowest since records began. You can read more about it here. During the quarter of April to June 2020, all cases of meningitis dropped to 29 compared to 121 for the same period in 2019; a drop of 76%*. These numbers are a real concern and our young ambassador Lucas sent our BELIEVERS a message. Alison the CEO of the charity said “Lucas has realised the impact that meningitis can have if you do not know the signs and symptoms. When I received the video of Lucas, I was so happy that one of our young ambassadors knows the signs and symptoms and wants people to know the signs and symptoms.” Our Alex who was the first young ambassador for Meningitis Now always raised awareness of meningitis by spending his time at supermarkets, schools and workplaces. Our mission as a charity is to provide grants to those who are in need but we always love to carry on the work of our Alex by spreading awareness and making people believe and achieve no matter their ability. In the video below Lucas tells us about the signs and symptoms in babies, children and adults as babies will present different to Children and Adults.

There are many other symptoms which can be found here and for more information you can always check out the NHS website here. Our advice, particularly to those who are at risk, is to know the signs and symptoms of meningitis and if you have concerns about yourself, a loved one or a friend, call 111 immediately and get medical help. Here at The Believe and Achieve Trust we have symptom cards for you to have in your wallet and also give out at your place of work or your child's school. If you require any symptom cards from us, we can send them out to you via post just contact us using the contact us form. We require your support to continue our grant schemes and continue the work of our Alex you can support us for free here by becoming a BELIEVER today.

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