• Niall Pickles

Lucas's Fab Fundraiser

This year we will be able to make it even better due to the fantastic donation from Lucas Vezza. Lucas arranged to do a 12 hour live stream and raised over £1,000!

We don’t know how, but he even got his aunty to have a tattoo of the charity logo on her leg!

A few years ago the charity was able to purchase a curling kit for Lucas so that he could take part in Sport at school. He didn’t only take part.

He even went on to win Gold in the after school competitions. I remember the day well. I was in tears watching.

Since then Lucas has supported the charity and been helping us raise awareness of inclusion. His passion and dedication for an inclusive life reminds me so much of Alex!!!

He is a very special young man.

Thank you for everything Lucas.

You can get involved with fund-raising with out fundraising packs or set up your own fundraiser just like Lucas did.

We are a charity that has no paid staff so we rely fully on volunteers and fundraising from you. We are always happy for you to visit us to see how your funds are used to make a huge difference across Manchester and Tameside.

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