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Layla's Bike Grant

So last year we heard about a little girl whose family had started to fundraise for a specific made bike to allow their little girl who has cerebral palsy to be able to ride her bike. Our CEO then got in contact with Layla's Mum who then applied for one of our support grants. We was able to go and see Layla at the park and Thomas one of our young ambassadors came along to meet Layla and ride with her. This bike allows Layla to ride by herself but also to be able to get active as the bike helps to support her legs and body when riding.

Our trustees were quick to agree to this grant and off we went. The team at Theraplay then got to work and Layle chose the colour red. We are so pleased we were able to contribute to this just like we did with Heidi's bike back in March.

CEO Alison said "This bike grant is great, when we heard about the family already fundraising we just knew it was something we needed to help with. We love seeing things like this and it makes me proud and emotional when I see them riding the bike just how they want to."

We are always open to give support grants to those in need. If you know anyone who is in need of a support grant with getting active or just allowing them to live a life free from restricitons then please send them to our support grant page and we aim to give an answer within 72 hours of recieving an application.

We know how proud Alex would be about this amazing bike grant and we want to continue to give everyone a chance to get active and do the things they want to do with no restrictions.

Check the video below!

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