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EDN - Everybody Dance Now

Updated: May 26, 2021

Welcome to our new inclusive to all Dance Club. EDN stands for Everybody Dance Now. Yes that's right just like the song.

Our inclusive dance club based in Tameside is one you do not want to miss. Our dance club is not just to ensure every can take part in dance but everyone has access to dance. Dance was always a big deal to Alex who was a part of the Tameside Titians who featured on Britains Got Talent. You can see the video on our Believe and Achieve Youtube Channel

Our dance club will be taking place every Friday at 4.30pm and will be at Astley Sports Village one of our great partners. Abbie Williams Alex's sister will be one of the dance teachers who will be volunteering for us.

Abbie said 'Dance has always been special to me and Alex. Everyone and anyone should be able to take part in dance. When I am at dance it has always been about exams and doing the right steps. Yes this is important however, it should be fun and inclusive for all'.

Your first session will be free and then we ask for a small of £15 for 6 sessions. Our believers have played a massive part with fundraising making all of the setup costs are manageable and we will keep you updated with how our classes are going.

Due to COVID Restrictions we are only able to invite 8 dancers to the first couple of sessions and then this will increase to 16 halfway through June.

You can register your interest on our EDN page. We cannot wait to see you at our dance class. Inclusive dance classes for all in Tameside.

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