• Niall Pickles

Christmas Grant Approved

A few weeks ago we heard about a little girl with cerebral palsy was raising money for a special bike that supports and allows her to get active and ride her own bike. Now, we have given a grant like this before to Heidi as some of you may remember. So when we saw this appeal in the Tameside reporter we went straight to the reporter and asked could we be put in touch with the family who sent out the appeal.

Our CEO Alison then contacted the family and discussed what was needed and also spoke about how we can help and what we have done in the past with support grants. Things then moved quickly as the Mum of the little girl submitted a grant application form. We wanted to give them the peace of mind that we can give the support grant and we aim to have our answers back to anyone submitting a form for a grant within 48 hours. Well, within 12 hours we had the answer from the trustees and it was a massive YES. We have the money available for the bike we just needed to find out who could make the bike and then the little girl will be able to pick the colour. We are now waiting for the bike to be built and delivered. Once the bike is delivered we will give you an update and there will be picture's and video's to show you what amazing work can be done with your support.

Throughout lockdown we had no grants from the government ourselves because we don’t have an office or employees. We wasn’t sure whether we would be able to carry on our work, but we underestimated our BELIEVERS and we have raised a superb amount of money during lockdown with events like the plank challenge, ASV members giving their membership fees to us when the gyms were closed, people running marathons, Alex's Christmas advent calendar while supporting local businesses, and Dave Pye’s Christmas Concert and many more. The support has been amazing and we cannot thank you BELIEVERS enough. Now with this support grant another child will be able to get active and be doing a sport they never thought would be possible.

In the new year we have some very exciting news that many people keep asking about. We also have our Monday Club reopening again if restrictions allow. We might be setting up a new dance group to give more disabled children the chance to have fun and get active through dance. If you know anyone who is need of a support grant please let them know that we are here for them and if we can support them through our support grant system we will do. All of this is not able to happen without you amazing BELIEVERS giving and fundraising through different events. We have many events planned for 2021 however, this will be on a monthly basis as we are not able to plan a lot due to the COVID restrictions. Hopefully that will all be over soon and we can get back to some normality till then we go on and fight on because we are BELIEVERS and achievers just like our Alex Williams.

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