• Alison Williams

Children in Need: We are a Charity Too

This Friday BBC Children in Need will be shown on TV to millions across the UK. As a small charity we think it is a lovely gesture for charities, especially this year as everyone is uncertain about the future of their businesses, organisations and personal finances.

We understand that BBC Children in Need is an important cause and what it does and has done for children across the UK is great and fantastic. However, at The Believe and Achieve Trust we always wonder why they decide to only support charities who are larger than us small local charities? At The Believe and Achieve Trust we solely rely on volunteers as we have no paid staff members (not even our CEO gets a wage from the charity).

We do not have any fancy or tiny office as we do this to cut down on the costs of our outgoings each month. We do have monthly outgoings these are costs of our Monday Sports Club (Right Image) which enables children who have disabilities and are disadvantaged get into sport. We also provide support grants to those in need. We do all that with no funding from the Government or the likes of BBC Children in Need. Which leaves us to question why do we receive no funding?

From the BBC Children in Needs guidelines to what is needed to be able to apply for a grant from BBC Children in Need you must have assets (office, buildings, etc). Also payment of members of the governing body. All other requirements we meet perfectly which is such a shame because here at The Believe and Achieve Trust we believe that all money received should go back out to make a difference to lives and not pay a wage and have a big office space. We do this for the love of making a difference and carrying on the legacy of Alex Williams.