• Alison Williams

CEO and Alex's Mum shares her story about how Meningitis changed her families lives

The world has been going through the most awful time with the corona virus in the air. Everyone knows the symptoms of what to look for which is great so that we can act quickly and get the help we need. You know what scares me? The fact that we are all focused on covid and not now looking for anythingelse!! Meningitis has some similar symptoms but unfortunately we are not looking out for them, and meningitis could take a life quicker than covid!

When meningitis hit our family it was our wedding day and as Alex had had a vaccine for meningitis two days before I didn’t even think that he could get it never mind didn’t know any symptoms about meningitis apart from having a stiff neck, which may I add Alex never had even when he was in ICU.

Meningitis took my son, my best friend my everything on November 4th 2000. I remember him lying in ICU with 34 machines keeping him alive telling him that he didn’t dare leave me as I couldn’t live without him. Typically of Alex he battled on and after weeks he woke up.

From then he had to learn to talk again,and we knew that walking and other things would not be possible due the damage the disease had done, but to be fair I didn’t care as long as I had my bff with me that’s all I needed. It was unbelievable to see Alex battle life everyday going through daily dialysis due to the kidney damage he now had to having to have the whole in his back packed which the septicaemia had done to, living on morphine for pain.

I wont lie, I found life so bloody hard and i'm ashamed to say that Alex would just say “mum its fine its just a wheelchair” or “mum who needs to walk” he was just the most incredible selfless caring right stop

Alison, I could go on and on forever. Alex really use to make me wake up and stop feeling sorry for myself and for him!!! In 2012 the whole person I lived for was taken from me. Meningitis had finally got what it came for…my boy. Who knew that after 11 years a person could pass away from the after effects of the disease? Certainly not me. Alex went to bed as normal and had a stroke in the night which eventually took him three days later. I sat with Alex holding his hand and rubbing his hair saying I would make him p