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Believer Talks: Helen Harrison

Believer Helen Harrison joins Alison to discuss why and how she came to support The Believe and Achieve Trust. Helen and Alison also discuss how fundraising with us helps us and we always show you where your money has gone to support the local area of Tameside and Manchester.

Helen supports Luke who is regular to our Monday Sports Club and she volunteers for us when she can whilst going through some tough times herself. Alison says Helen reminds her of Alex as she carries on no matter what barriers come in the way.

Helen says there is not many opportunities available for lovelies she calls them but she means the children who struggle to get into sport due to disabilities. Helen's Luke who she cares and supports received one of our Monday Sports Club bags in the first lockdown. Luke adored that you can see the videos of them using them here or on our Facebook page.

Alongside the Monday Sports Club, The Believe and Achieve Trust is now looking to start a Dance club which Alex was part of Titans and Abbie Alex's Brother and Co-founder of the charity used Dance as a way to express herself and she always felt it was important that everyone can take part which is not always the case. Our Dance Club will be announced soon so please keep a watch on all social pages and sign up to our Newsletter to receive updates.

They money raised from our Road to Tokyo challenge will go towards the new dance club and will help many disadvantaged children and children with disabilities get involved with dance express their moves in a free space open to all. Everybody is welcome

Listen to the full talk with Helen below...

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