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Our inspiration

The Believe and Achieve Trust was set up to continue the work of the most inspirational young man, Alex Williams.

When Alex was seven he contracted meningitis and ended up on life support, fighting for his life. He survived but his life changed forever. He ended up in a wheelchair with lots of after effects, but it didn’t stop Alex from doing what he set his mind to.

Alex spent three nights a week volunteering for a disabled dance group and was a sports ambassador for Tameside. He was also the Meningitis Trust’s first ever Young Ambassador and was passionate about making everyone aware of the symptoms of meningitis, spending every weekend giving out awareness cards.

Alex won lots of awards and regularly appeared in the media. He proudly carried the Olympic torch, the only person nominated more than once in fact he was nominated 24 times! Alex then spent a whole month going to schools in Tameside talking to the children about his motto, “believe and achieve”. He really believed that if you put your mind to it, you could achieve anything! The children in the schools loved it. 

In August 2012, Alex had a stroke as a direct result of the after-effects of meningitis and passed away. Our devastation made us realise the only way forward was to carry on his work, raising awareness of meningitis and support other young people through our support grants who are just like Alex whose lives have been affected by this disease or who were coping with challenges in their lives. 

The Believe and Achieve Trust was born in 2014 and, with Alex as our inspiration and your help, we continue to make a difference to people’s lives.

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Our Aim

The Believe and Achieve Trust aims to increase the physical and mental health of those affected by meningitis and support sufferers wishing to succeed in sport. Along our journey we will also continue to raise the awareness of meningitis and it symptoms.

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The Believe and Achieve Trust strives to improve the physical and mental health of children and young people in Manchester who are facing challenges because of meningitis, disability or their personal situation. 

The charity provides direct support through support grants to children and young people to allow them to have access to specialist aids and equipment, or take part in an activity of their choice – all with the aim of improving their quality of life. Our name reflects our goal of encouraging children and young people to believe that they can do something, and supporting them to achieve it! 

In addition to enabling children and young people to “believe and achieve”, we also raise awareness of meningitis – a disease which kills and maims in hours. Knowledge of the signs and symptoms and taking fast action to treat meningitis if suspected literally can mean the difference between life and death. In partnership with Meningitis Now, we distribute life-saving signs and symptoms cards and give talks at local schools and organisations. Alex’s inspiration continues to drive us forward, but we can only achieve our goals with the help of our believers. We have to raise all the funds we need and whether you can help with time or money, you will be making a a massive difference.


We need your help to continue our work. To enable children and young people to “believe and achieve”. We do not get any government funding and are entirely dependent on voluntary donations to fund our work.

Our partners and believers who volunteer and fundraise in many different ways allow us to work towards our aim of supporting children and young adults to achieve their goals in life. Our partners are schools, companies and community groups – all of whom make a difference to people’s lives. Get your school, work or community groups involved today by contacting us.

People also donate funds or time.

We are grateful for the work and funds our believers have gave and raised and we thank everyone that has made it possible for children and young people to “believe and achieve”.



Want to work with us and become a BELIEVER today. Contact us below.

Committee Members - Stephanie Owen (Chair), Julie Cummings, Gaz Worrall,  Matthew Ainscough, Sarah Cummings, Karen Hillier, Gillian Taylor, Jade Mullan, Joanne Moore.

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Founder and CEO

Alison has run the charity since she set it up with the  support from her husband and daughter in 2014 as she wanted to ensure Alex’s work was continued. Alison handles every aspect of the charity’s work - from facilitating the grants programme and raising awareness of meningitis to managing our volunteers and raising the vital funds the charity needs. Alison is really proud to be carrying on Alex’s work and is grateful for the help so many people give to raise the vital funds we need.